A Broken Gift – from Pfizer

Last week, Rick Santorum, stated that pregnancies that result from rape are a “broken gift” from God. Regardless of your personal feelings about Mr. Santorums level of (in)sanity, using his logic, it would seem that Pfizer is now playing God.

Apparently, “about 1 million packets of birth control pills are being recalled in the U.S. by Pfizer because a packaging mishap could increase the likelihood of pregnancy“.

So by using these birth control pills, you could actually be increasing your chances of becoming pregnant! I dread to think how many of these women will be granted an unexpected – and quite likely unwanted – “gift” from God. These women are doing everything they can reasonably be expected to do to prevent pregnancy (with the exception of abstinence, since we know it either doesn’t work, or at best has only failed once, albeit with spectacular repercussions throughout history) and yet through no fault of their own, their lives are irreversibly changed.

Of course, one could view any unplanned pregnancies resulting from this error, as simply “Gods Will”. You could abdicate all personal responsibility and subject yourself to whatever God has in store for you. But if that were true, how many of these women would be using birth control in the first place? If they are trusting their lives to God, surely He would grant them children at the appropriate time, and birth control would not even be necessary! Sadly, there are people that do take this approach, and their antics are an embarassment to civilized society and an insult to everything we know about reproductive science.

One can only hope that socially backward thinking under the guise of “family values” does not manage to erode womens rights even further. I cannot fathom a society that would forbid women to terminate a pregnancy caused by a “packaging error” on their birth control.

I’m sorry Mr. Santorum, but your views are antiquated, dangerous and socially irresponsible.

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