Religious child abuse, caught on camera

Watch the video below, and answer me this: How is this legal in the 21st century? In first world countries, no less?

If you can execute people for war crimes, then you most certainly should be able to throw them in jail for crimes against humanity. Every single adult in that video, from the preachers to the parents, is guilty of a whole slew of offences against innocent children. “Religious Freedom” it may be – but ethical, useful and true it most certainly is not.

It is ridiculous and dangerous fiction such as this, that serves only to strengthen my stand against religion and its poison. There is so much beauty in the natural universe without polluting it with stone-age “explanations”, supernatural nonsense and fanciful mythological tales. The Earth was not created in six days, Heaven (along with its fiery counterpart, Hell) does not exist, and Jesus was not alive at the same time as the dinosaurs. Grow up already.

If you aren’t angered by that video, then you are already part of the problem. Do yourself (and your children) a favor, read a good book , educate yourself and end the cycle of abuse.

(Ken Ham is the founder of the controversial Creation Museum in Kentucky, a museum that presents an account of the origins of the universe, life, mankind, and man’s early history according to a literal reading of the Book of Genesis.)

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2 Responses to Religious child abuse, caught on camera

  1. Max Brand says:

    kelly clarkson national anthem
    my district journal ran an report relating to this topic yesterday seems the papers are getting in on the act , hopefully it’s going to grab the popularity it merits considering that it truly is getting much more fashionable

  2. People are idiots. They make us believe in God when there’re no evidences at all and they reject the sense of evolution which is full of proofs. How can we believe in the truthfulness of the Bible which is said to be The Word of God when we’re not even sure if He exists? You will say it’s all about the faith. Well, learn something about evolution first and then answer the question ‘do you believe in evolution?’ I do.

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