Why do atheists hate God?

I see this question all the time on Twitter and each time I see it, I let out a small sigh and roll my eyes a little, because it is not true: Atheists do not hate God.

Bing defines an atheist very simply as ” somebody who does not believe in God or deities”. And that is all it is – a simple non-belief in God, in the exact same way that most theists have a non-belief in the Easter Bunny, pink unicorns, leprechauns, Cthulhu, pixie dust and the Tooth Fairy.

Furthermore, simply because people do not believe in the Tooth Fairy, does not automatically imply that they also hate the Tooth Fairy. They simply do not believe in her (his?) existence. There is nothing to hate – except the concept of the Tooth Fairy.

The one thing that atheists could be said to hate (if indeed, they “hate” anything) is the effect that religion has upon the people practicing it. The very dictionary definition of faith is “belief…without logical proof”, and this is what irks atheists the most. Unwavering belief in the magical and supernatural, supported only by an ancient book and the understanding that you must “have faith” in order to see it, while at the same time being faced with over-whelming scientific evidence to the contrary, is something that most raional people simply cannot grasp.

Everything from the circular logic of “Gods Word” (It’s true because the Bible says so and the Bible is the Word of God so it must be true), to socially irrepsonsible ideas on contraception, from the rigid interpretation of ancient rules (but only when convenient or they conform to a personal agenda) to the stoic belief in fairy-tales over scientific evidence. All of these things – and more – add up to ideas that atheists quite simply cannot agree with, and quite often the frustration of attempting to understand these viewpoints, or holding a conversation with a person who holds immovable opinions, can spill over and appear angry or even hateful.

Again, atheists do not hate God. They cannot hate something which they do not believe exists. What they do hate, is the effect that religious ideas have on people, society, politics, global affairs and public policy and opinion.

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6 Responses to Why do atheists hate God?

  1. Larry says:

    The belief doesn’t have a dogma, so of course hating God isn’t a necessity.

    But I think some people hating religion comes from religious intolerance to homosexuality, condoms etc, the wars / fights that are started, the subscription to crazy moral doctrines and so forth.

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  3. f. carter says:

    You have Richard Hawkins that tryed to have the pope arrested in the UK making him responsible for all the gay priest, well then we had Christopher Hitchins and others that host TV spots, that get away saying kind of hateful things towards our maker. What gets me is that we don’t have the means to retaliate against all those idiots, and they get away without been challenged

    • The Resident Atheist says:

      First of all, take a fifth grade level grammar course before you comment. Secondly, Hawkins is not Professor Dawkins’ last name. Thirdly, placing religion and a deity that has not been proven to exist under scrutiny is not hateful, just intellectually honest. Also, there can be no hate harbored towards Yahweh (or whatever other deity you subscribe to) from an atheist position considering that we don’t believe in such a thing. This would be like me asking you “Why do you hate The Great Green Arkleseizure?”

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