Thanks for listening…

I had a very good conversation with my wife a few days ago, regarding something that was bothering me. And no, it wasn’t anything to do with our relationship (even though it’s probably doomed after 13 blissful years without Jesus constantly meddling in it), but it was a much needed talk about stuff that was on my mind.

She correctly told me I was being an idiot and to stop worrying about it. She laughed at me at the appropriate times and she looked concerned when I was trying to be serious.

We get each other and it’s awesome. Actually, it’s far better than awesome – it’s everything that I could hope for in a marriage and it just keeps getting better, year after year.

But anyway, I won’t sit here getting all sentimental on you… I just wanted to mention that I honestly feel pity for people who believe in God. Because my wife is real. Her responses and reassurances are real. Everything about her is real¹. I do not have to imagine that a God, or Creator or Holy Spirit or whatever is watching over me. I do not have to pretend that He speaks to me and makes me feel better, while simultaneously ignoring the plight of starving children or giving people cancer.

Putting God before reality is to my mind, an absolute insult to those you profess to love. My wife comes first² and that’s all there is to it. And of course, unlike God – she actually exists and talks to me.

Thank you dear. I love you.

¹ aww yeah… 😉
² The secret to a happy marriage

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