I was born and raised in England and then moved to America when I was 26. I attended a Church of England school, complete with the Lords Prayer and hymns every morning during assembly. Special occasions, such as Saint Georges Day, Christmas etc. took place in the church affiliated with the school.

I also recall attending Sunday School, attempting to read the Bible from cover to cover and having many, many theological discussions with my best friend – who is now a Minister in the Church of England.

But through all of this, something just didn’t feel “right”. None of it made any sense. I just wasn’t feeling this “Holy Spirit” that everyone talked about, and the existence of God only created more questions in my mind. Deep down, I knew (and have known for years) that the Bible was just a collection of fanciful tales, blown out of all proportion with the passage of time, and whose sole purpose was to keep the simple folk quiet.

I think the final straw for me – the moment of certain truth – came when I read “Why won’t God heal amputees?“, an online book that takes every nonsensical premise contained in the Bible and systematically eliminates each argument with a process of rational thought. Shortly after this, I eagerly devoured Richard Dawkins book, “The God Delusion” and found myself agreeing with every single sentence. It sealed the deal. It – unlike the Bible – made complete and total sense. Of course, I knew this already, but upon reading what could have been my own thoughts (albeit written in a far more eloquent fashion!), I realized that Dawkins was absolutely correct:

Religion in all its forms must be challenged.

And with this in mind, I have gotten together with another like-minded soul and created this blog. A small corner of the internet where we hope to light the candle of scientific reason and cast out the demons of non-thinking.


… is a slacker who needs to get busy on writing his bio!


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